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¡CreSER con sentido humano!

It is Colectivo Seres' fundraising program. Through the program, we invite the various social sectors to colaborate on the integral development of teenagers and young adults in the State of Guanajuato: to improve their sexual education, and to prevent gender violence and human rights violations through educational, recreational and cultural activities.


Your donations support the Integral Education of Sexuality can be deposited in account number BanBajío Número 102727710201

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* Centro Comunitario Colectivo Seres, A.C.

The project is to build a space to contribute to the Colectivo's mission “To be an organization of reference regarding the support of the integral development of teenagers and young adults, sexual and reproductive health, with gender equality, and state, national and international recognition, characterized by high technical and professional competence, founded on scientific evidence, best practices and the health needs of the young adult and teenage population with a humanitarian sense and social commitment, innovative and proactive capacity, inclusive and promoting social participation.”

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* Programa Escoger, informado siempre será mejor.

This educational program consists of a series of interventions in educational institutions, and meeting places for teenagers and young adults. The programs objective is to promote a culture prevention of HIV/AIDS, other STI's, and unwanted pregnancies the motivate the exercise of healthy human sexuality.

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* Programa SER Humanos, para SER Derechos.

The program's actions are oriented to the construction of new forms of social interaction through education and promotion of human rights and the training of new youth leaders.

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* Programa Desde la Otra Banqueta.

The program is a set on social and cultural interventions to create alternative spaces for teenagers and young adults that contribute to their personal growth via the link between culture and youth development.


The program has already sponsored three movie festivals jointly with Universidad de Guanajuato. Through the festivals we hope to foster a better understanding of LGBTTTI culture and increase youth participation in non-discrimination.


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* Programa Visión Joven.

This program is run by young leaders to motivate teenagers and young adults in the development of their communities and the protection of at-risk populations in their social context.


The program works in tandem with various educational, health and social development institutions through which it has reached 11,603 beneficiaries via interventions in their social contexts that facilitates their access to health services and the exercise of their human rights

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